Vendors: Frequently Asked Questions

Have you reviewed the vendor guidelines? CLICK HERE TO READ THEM.

How much is it to be a vendor at Harvest Fest?
Answer: Craft Vendors $85, Business Vendors $100, Food Vendors $175

Is electric provided? 
Answer: Electric is not provided. You must have portable lighting for your booth and make arrangement to power your booth according to your needs.

Why can’t I have electric? Why is there no electric?
Answer: Harvest Fest is located at Tuscawilla Park. There are limited electrical sources at this location and the current electric is used to support the musical performances throughout the day. In addition, vendors are placed at mulitple locations in the venue and electrical access locations are also limited. We recommend you secure portable lighting for your booth. There is link provided below.

Where can I get portable lighting for my booth?
Answer: Click here to see lights you can purchase

What is provided?
Answer: You are provided with a 10×10 space or food truck space, depending on your vendor type. You are required to bring your tent, table and displays for your booth.

Can I request a specific vendor space? 
Answer: We are unable to grant requests for specific vendor spaces.

I am a food truck vendor with a food trailer, can I leave it attached to my vehicle?
Answer: Due to available space, we ask that you disconnect your vehicle from your trailer and park it in the vendor parking area that will be displayed on your set-up map.

What are the fire regulations for my food truck?

Vendors should meet state fire regulations for mobile food dispensing vehicles (MFDV). A Fire Marshall will contact you prior to the event to assess your compliance. If you have any questions about complying with food truck fire regulation, please contact the Ocala Fire Marshall at 352-629-8513.  These items (but not limited to) may be required to meet state MDFV fire regulations: an up-to-date ABC Fire Extinguisher, an up-to-date ABC Fire Extinguisher, an up-to-date Class K Fire Extinguisher, a fire suppression hood, a water tank. If you are found violating fire regulations, you will not be able to serve at the event.

I am an independent sales consultant, can I just display products and sell from my catalog?
Answer: No, you must have on-site stock to sell. Attendees should be able to purchase at least 50% of your product from you and immediately take it home at the conclusion of your sale.

I am an independent sales consultant ( Ex: Scentsy, Mary Kay, Origami Owl), am I considered a sales or business vendor? 
Answer: Independent Sales Consultants are considered business vendors under the $100 fee rate.

I am an independent sales consultant and I represent a few different product lines (ie. Scentsy, Thirty-One, Partylite). Can I sell all my product lines in my booth? 
Answer: Independent Sales Consultants are permitted to sell up to 2 product lines in their booth.

I can only stay for half of the event? Can I breakdown early?
Answer: Unfortunately, early breakdown is not allowed. The layout is planned to have all space filled for our attendees and departure would cause a gap, in addition, road closures would prevent access to your vehicle. Please arrange to have someone present at your booth for the event.

What if it rains? Is the event cancelled?
Answer: The event is rain or shine and will continue as planned unless serious weather conditions develop. You will be notified if such a situation occurs.

I am a business vendor and I need ideas for activities at my booth?
Click here for activity ideas for your booth. Raffles and giveaways are a pretty popular option.

What type of venue is this?
Answer: The event venue is a park, and on city streets, therefore you’re vendor space may be located on pavement or grass. Due to the nature of the venue, you may be required to transport your tent/displays/products a small distance to your vendor space. Please plan accordingly.

How do I set up for the event?
Answer: Set up information will be emailed to you, in the week before the event, at the email address you provided on your application.

Will there be assistance or hand trucks during set-up?
Answer: Set-up is the responsibility of the vendor. Staff is on-hand to guide you to your vendor space but vendors should be prepared to transport their products to their space as necessary.

Will I have category exclusivity as a vendor? Will I be the only ____ vendor?
Answer: When choosing vendors, we want to prevent duplication of product whenever possible. Your application is personally reviewed to ensure that your product is as competitive as possible. We do not guarantee however that you will be exclusive, (ie. the only jewelry vendor, the only cell provider). If you are seeking exclusivity, some sponsorship levels offer this option. As far as food truck cuisine, we try to limit one truck per cuisine type but some typically produced items (Ex. French Fries) may reoccur.

I want to be a sponsor of this event instead! Where can I get information?
Answer: Please contact Jennifer at for information.

I am an entertainer interested in playing this event. Who do I contact?
Answer: Submit a form here for future events.